Bereishit - In the beginning it was just us and HaShem

Judean Gatekeepers,
The Torah starts by telling us that HaShem began creation with the heavens and the earth. But Rashi’s first commentary on the Torah relates to the land of Israel belonging to the Jewish people.
Why would the famous eleventh century Torah commentator begin by telling us this? Because Rashi knew that in the future the nations of the world would reject Israel belonging to us, the Jewish people. Before any further commentary Rashi wanted the world to know outright that in the beginning HaShem created the heavens and the earth and gave Israel to the Jewish people. Rashi was right. Here we are, the time is now.
Despite all logical evidence the nations amongst us still deny our right to live in our homeland and dismiss our miraculous return to Israel. Standup against those who reject our birthright and covenant with HaShem. We are HaShem's people and we dwell in HaShem’s land. We are all native to Judea. Decolonize your mind. Decolonize your heart. Decolonize your speech. Decolonize your actions. The time to act is now. Be a decolonized Judean. 
Am Yisroel Chai. 
Your Achi (brother), 
Ethan Benjamin Rubin 
Yaakov Binyamin Ben Beynish

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