About Decolonized Judean

This is a movement beyond Judean wear. It’s about Jewish pride and empowerment. Decolonized Judean is about telling the Jewish story from a Jewish lense and shifting culture

Decolonizing Jewish identity means learning about the Jewish story from a Jewish lense - and that means not forming your opinion on the Jewish ancestral homeland from those who seek to destroy it.

Thousand of years in the diaspora has added many layers and elements of colonization to our identity and culture. Decolonizing Jewish identity means connecting with our roots but not by going backwards, it means moving forward in advancing the next stage of our collective peoplehood. It simply means taking charge of our Jewish story and not forming or acquiescing elements of our peoplehood to our oppressors. There is no one way to be a decolonized Judean because there is no one way to feel connected to your identity and culture.Decolonized Judean, Empowered Judean